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Tess Kennedy

Tess Kennedy

Client Communications Manager

My role is as 1752 Financial's Client Communications Manager where I handle our communication channels and content creation. I also work with clients on their life and disability insurance applications.

I enjoy finding creative ways to educate people about the need for life and disability insurance. I'm a great point of contact during the insurance application process and can help answer questions about getting your policy in force, or with support for your existing policies. 

Outside of the office, I love seeing live music, backpacking, and paddle boarding on the lake. 

Q&A With Tess
(updated January 2024)

Name a way you like to beat the winter blues.

Going on a short walk first thing in the morning. Even if it's just a quick loop around where I live, embracing the cold early in the morning helps me get out of the house again later in the day. 

What is your go-to work playlist or artist?

For focusing, I like to listen to bluegrass instrumentals or video game soundtracks (mostly Stardew Valley). 

What is one thing on your desk you couldn’t work without?

I love a beverage combo - one for hydration (full Nalgene of water) and one for caffeine (tea or coffee) or fun (fizzy water).

Do you have a signature dish or go-to recipe?

I have a few! I make a chipotle black bean slider for potlucks that my friends all love. Sourdough loaves have been my go-to hostess gift for the past year. And my household sticks to a pretty standard dinner of tofu, veggies, and rice for dinner during the weeks. 

If you could instantly become great at any skill, what would it be?

Speaking another language instantly would be such a game changer, but I'll keep trying to learn the standard way while I wait for the superpower :) 

What season do you like the most and why?

I used to love fall most, but I'm beginning to favor the excitement of the warming months of spring. 

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