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Disability Insurance

Physicians know all too well that traditional insurers fall short in providing adequate coverage. Most group plans limit coverage, which can be a significant shortfall when it comes to protecting one of your most valuable assets – your income. Protect yourself and your family with 1752 Financial.

1752 Financial works to solve this issue by working with all major disability insurance carriers to get you the policy you need. We offer true-own occupation definitions, meaning that if you are unable to work in your specialty you will receive full benefits, even if you are still working in another field. 

Spend less time worrying about protecting your income, and spend more time on your patients.

Full benefits can include:

  • True own-occupation definition — get your benefits, even when you’re still working in another specialty
  • Physician’s discounts — get up to a 20% discount
  • Coverage available up to age 65
  • Up to $50,000 in monthly benefits — you won’t have to change your lifestyle even if not working
  • Flexible options for waiting periods — you choose when you receive your benefits
  • Options for both total and partial disability — more flexibility for your needs
  • Lump sum benefits — get up to 10x your annual income
  • Streamlined application — option for fully online application and no medical exam for many applicants

Medical Society of Virginia Members: 1752 Financial has teamed up with the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) to provide coverage supplement to physicians whose disability income insurance is not enough. The Income Protection High Limit Disability Program offers a true own-occupation definition, significantly higher limits on monthly coverage, and discounts exclusive to MSV members.

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