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Karina Melendez

Karina Melendez

Client Relationship Manager

My role is as a Client Relationship Manager at 1752 Financial. My main responsibility is new client accounts and assisting with servicing investment client needs. I will be your point of contact during new account openings and am always happy to answer any other questions!

I’m fairly new to 1752, but am very excited to be part of the team and help provide a smooth onboarding process for our clients.

Outside of the office my interests are in music, art (mainly sketching & photography), any outdoor activity, and the gym!

Q&A With Karina
(updated January 2024)

What is one small change you’ve made in the past 12 months that’s had a significant impact?

I started drinking hot tea in the mornings and night! My go-to flavor is mint tea. It’s a really light flavor and the warmth makes me feel calm/relaxed.

Do you have a favorite form of artistic expression?

As I mentioned before I love art! However, my favorite is fashion. I love all the different colors, textures, and styles you can express yourself with. I also sew a little – lately I’ve been embroidering my dog’s name on his bandanas.

What season do you like the most and why?

I’m a winter baby, but I love the spring and summer. I love the sun and staying warm!

What is something new you’re excited about trying this year?

I’m excited to try and learn Brazilian Portuguese. I really want to go to Brazil, but want to be able to communicate fluently with people there!

What is one thing on your desk you couldn’t work without?

I would say my water bottle! I have so many but always need at least one of them.

What is your go-to work playlist or artist?

I actually made a gym playlist for myself; it has no specific genre or artist. It’s just a huge mixture of English and Spanish songs that get me hyped up.

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