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Bryan  Kopsick

Bryan Kopsick

Client Relationship Manager

Bryan is 1752 Financial's Client Relationship Manager, where he is responsible for investment paperwork, following up with new accounts, and ensuring our clients have the best experience. If you're opening a new account, Bryan will be your point of contact during the process and there to answer any questions you may have.

Bryan went to George Mason for Public Administration and has always had a deep interest in personal finance. He's spent the last few years working on the golf course as a caddy, and most recently for a PGA tour player. Bryan is working towards his Series 7 and 65, with dreams of becoming a financial advisor in the near future so he can provide more than just advice on the course. 

Get To Know Bryan

What’s a great piece of advice you’ve been given?

Several years ago, I was told to “let your life be a consequence of following your passions.” Since then I was able to turn a passion for caddying into living the dream while working on the Korn Ferry and PGA Tours, and turn my love of personal finance into a job here at 1752 Financial. I look forward to where following that advice leads me in the future.

If you had to give a ten minute presentation on anything right now, what would you talk about?

Why every kitchen needs a sous vide machine and an air fryer.

What is a fictional place or world you’d love to visit?

Augusta National Golf Club. While it’s not a fictional place, I have always dreamed of caddying at the Masters.

What is something unrelated to your job that you love doing?

In my free time I love to cook (though I’m a horrific baker!). In college I went on YouTube to learn how to cook eggs from Gordon Ramsey, and the rest is history.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Anything from Sofia Pizza Shoppe in New York City.

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