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Obtaining Life Insurance with Diabetes Just Got Easier With John Hancock Aspire

Obtaining Life Insurance with Diabetes Just Got Easier With John Hancock Aspire

November 04, 2019

Of the 30 million people living in the US with diabetes, less than half have the life insurance coverage they need. Many people with diabetes worry that they won’t qualify for coverage, or that coverage will be too expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. 

John Hancock, an industry leader in life insurance products, recently announced their new life insurance plan designed for people with diabetes: John Hancock Aspire with Vitality

How Aspire is Different

John Hancock Aspire is a collaboration between John Hancock, Verily Life Sciences, and Onduo virtual diabetes clinic to offer a life insurance and digital wellness program to get people with diabetes approved for life insurance and help them manage their condition. 

Qualifying customers with type 2 diabetes will be eligible to access Onduo’s virtual clinic and will receive a blood glucose monitoring device to monitor and improve their condition. By using Onudo’s virtual clinic, customers that take actions to improve their health can earn points that help lower their premiums up to 25%. 

“The life insurance industry hasn’t traditionally served people living with diabetes well…” said Brooks Tingle, President and CEO of John Hancock Insurance. “At John Hancock, we believe in helping customers live longer, healthier lives, whether they’re living with a chronic condition like diabetes, or not. When we help customers manage their diabetes by providing virtual care, education, support, incentives and rewards, we’re not only creating value for them, but also for our industry and society as a whole.”

How to Get Aspire

John Hancock Aspire is available starting November 18, 2019. If you’re interested in learning more about this product or you’d like to get an application started, please give us a call at (804) 283-1920 or send a message.

This blog post was originally posted on our insurance site, 1752 Insurance.