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Our History

In 1752, the first insurance company began, and life insurance has helped protect families and businesses ever since. We think that security is so important for people to have that we named our firm accordingly – 1752 Financial.
We put our clients best interests first. That means having tough conversations sometimes, but we do it because we believe it is right for the client.

Our primary advisers have over 30 years experience, and share a dedication to helping our clients make their lives better financially. Our main office is located in Richmond, Virginia, but we serve clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, and Tennessee as well as North Carolina. 1752 Financial…

  • Is an owner-operated firm. We are small business owners like many of our clients, and we take pride in helping to anchor the communities and towns we live and work in.
  • Believes in an open-architecture approach. We seek best-in-class solutions from some of the top companies in America, and we also seek out little known boutique investment managers that offer professionalism to clients.
  • Values referrals from clients as the ultimate compliment. You trust us to do a good job for you. And your friends and family trust you in turn. So when you give someone you know our name and tell them we did a good job for you, it is deeply satisfying.
  • Believes that what we do is a vocation, not a job. Our goal is to help people, not to manage their money. Our focus on people and families is what sets us apart.