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Disability Income Insurance

Everyone should protect their income and their savings against the risk and impact of a disability

If you are like most people, you have insurance on your house, your car and other items of value. But, you may have overlooked protecting what is often your most valuable asset is your ability to generate an income. The same income that allows you to accumulate, and pay for, the other assets you hold dear. Disability income insurance helps protect a portion of your income and provides a fundamental layer of security for your financial future.

Your income is your most valuable asset and is the foundation to a solid financial plan. Help make sure you can maintain your lifestyle and protect your family's future if you become too sick or hurt to work with Disability Income Insurance.

As a member of one of the following associations, you are eligible to receive discounted Disability Income Insurance.

Please email Matthew Brotherton, AIF®, CLTC for a quote or more information.

  • Physicians Benefit Network
  • Medical Society of Virginia

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